Video and Film

It is incredible to think that film and video has only been with us for less than 100 years. And now anyone can make a film to variable standards. The medium is fluid and infinite. The glory time for film in the artists's opinion was the silent movies, it all went downhill from there..   

The Last Great Fireworks Night

The film below was in many ways a complete accident. ASK would film everything, and set the camera up on a stand and leave it. This film was taken many years ago in November, and discovered only recently. The artwork in this film didnt need much work. It shows the head of the family taking charge of this 'the last great fireworks night' 

Cleaning Floors 2019

A repetitive action can become so slick that one becomes so adept at that task. The janitor in the film has cleaned this same floor over 2000 times. Technique, and speed are obvious. 

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