October 2021 - showing at the New Artist Fair, London

June - July - Krunchist Exhibition at Blaa Gallery, Copenhagen
June 2021 - to be featured in a well known magazine 
May 2021 - book launch -Selected works
April 2021 - ASK Fulgur will be showing work in BLAA Galleri, Copenhagen 
March 2021 - Artwork represented by BLAA Galleri, Copenhagen 
Jan 2021 - Artwork represented by Oakham Contemporary, UK 
Update - Next exhibition in planning stages. 
This will be a group show in 2021 in association with Intermissus Academy and Angel Deveux-Blanche. We are looking to combine a group of exciting artists to show together. This will be in london and hopefully a venue where there is good footfall and people that appreciate and will buy the art. more to be announced soon. 

Review below of the recent group show, also coming soon an interview with ASK Fulgur 
Review 2019 by Public Art Critic, London UK
'Time will treat these artists favourably'

As an art lover, I walked into this old decrepit but functional church with a sense of real excitement. so many
previews are extremely stale, sterile events. Not this one - I could feel the sweat, the graft and the struggle of the artists. Also while looking around i could hear the stress of the curators trying to iron out last minute issues. This was real, a real uncontrived show. 
As I discovered from the flyer on arrival, there are about 8-9 artists showing under a bannercalled Intermissus Academy. Gender split was really good and curated to perfection. when I scanned the room, it all fitted nicely together. Actually considering the amount of works on display (80+), all the work was able to breathe. 
I was like a child in a sweet shop, so much to see. The only negative was that some of the framing didnt quite do the work justice, but anyone that knows good work can see through that (pardon the pun). I started clockwise and thus, the first artist i came across was called The Moon and the idiot. Large glass encased canvas work, showing a free-form fluidity to her work. These works had real meanings. Maybe subconscious childhood thoughts and/or mixed with present day emotions. Intense deep and beautiful. 
Next up was a well composed display of self portraits from Polish born, London based artist Agata Michalczak. Each portrait excuted to a high standard, and each showing a different style to the next. I have never known an artist to have pulled this off so well. Some of her works are a slightly higher standard than the others but some of the best ones here would happily be placed against some of the best in any modern art museum. 
Linda X is a 70-something artist. Here experience in her life drawing really shows through. Sublimeand haunting. She captures the energy of the sitter and the soul. If one can get past the poor framing, one will see some modern day masterpieces. 
Next up , i move under the beautiful architecture of the church which hostssculptures by Russian-born , milan based artists Tatiana Brodatch. Here plasticine models are intricate figures in all types of sexual positions. The detail is stunning and so realistic they leave nothing to the imagination. tbc

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