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'Thank you for your interest in my work. All enquiries, please email  Angel Deveux-Blanche who will be happy to answer your query, arrange a studio visit or assist you in purchasing any work. Note, that my work looks even better in real life. The application of paint and texture is better face to face, and obviously the size of a small picture against my work reduces the impact.'

Please say hello on Instagram where I throw out ideas and show development of works  -  ask_fulgur '...


ASK started making work as a child and while most people stopped making pictures, he never really stopped. His journey is long and one of learning to self critique his work. He is still working on his internal critique which is still being honed, however painting with free flowing abandon. 

ASK's practice is regular and with a mass of ideas and inspiration. He is widely read on religion, esoteric, and alternative philosophers and writers. These are helping to form much of his work and ideas. 

ASK works mainly in oil, acrylic and works directly from life models and plein air for much of his practice, but also working from the imagination for some works. His work is varied and spontaneous. 

ASK work is widely collected and of course, we are still actively marketing his work, and raise his profile. If you are interested then please do make contact. 

Contact: Angel Deveux-Blanche

Instagram a.deveuxblanche

Please note: Some of the works shown are currently in private collections, however we have agreements to show works with clients if suitable exhibition is proposed. 

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