ASK Fulgur lives and works in England. His contemporary post impressionistic style is concerned with capturing light and organic forms in both the natural world and the imagined one. 

ASK is mainly self taught, but has received a six month placement at the Academie de la Grande Chaumiere in Paris where he studied life drawing. He has also been given several licences to paint inside the National Gallery, London which has taught him much about composition and palette from the masters. 

A visionary artist, ASK pushes the boundaries of classical contemporary painting techniques with a raw application. His paintings have been acquired by a wide range of collectors in UK, Europe, Russia and the US, and his last major exhibition in London was well received.  

If you would like to view the work in more detail, please either contact his galleries, or to the contact details below. Serious buyers and collectors should consider a studio visit where we can take you through his work and process. 


Angel Deveux-Blanche

Instagram a.deveuxblanche

Works available at the following galleries:

Oakham Contemporary, UK 

BLAA Galleri, Copenhagen, Denmark 

Please note: Some of the works shown are currently in private collections, however we have agreements to show works with clients if suitable exhibition is proposed.